About The Road


For 25 years, The Road Theatre Company has been deeply invested in our North Hollywood community and the neighborhood’s revitalization.  We continue to involve ourselves in community service and educational outreach.  The mission of The Road Theatre Company is to:

  • Present plays not previously available to the Los Angeles public that introduce socially and/or politically relevant voices and thoughts to the American stage;
  • Introduce youth, limited-income seniors, and other underserved audiences to the world of theatre through main stage productions, workshops, classes, presentations, and free weekly readings; and
  • Further establish our resident company as a leader and champion of new works in Los Angeles and the nation.

One of the Road’s founding principles is that involvement in the arts creates stronger communities. This is evident within the community of The Road Theatre itself – a 160-member ensemble of theatre artists who, unlike in many small theatre companies, do not pay dues to belong, but instead donate their time and energy to tasks that keep the company running and further our mission. Through the full engagement of our membership, we are able to produce four to five mainstage productions, a workshop series, weekly staged readings, classes for seniors, and an annual Summer Playwrights Festival – all at affordable or no cost to our community.

We believe it is essential for the health of the American ethos to advance the larger theatrical conversation of our national culture. Through this dialogue we animate and inspire both our artists and audiences with the realization that through art and action we are lifted into the searching of soul, the revelation of humanity, the awareness that we are not alone and the struggle to make sense of our existence on this earth – as it is and as we wish it to be.