Stupid Kid by Sharr White

Summer Playwrights Festival 8

Stella by Henry Ong

A dissatisfied Stella conjures up Marlon Brando–her favorite movie star of all time–to spice up her boring sex life. But she is unprepared for what happens next. Meet your Playwright: Henry Ong is honored to be included in The Road’s Summer Playwrights Festival. He is an internationally-produced playwright, whose works span an eclectic mix from […]

Timeshare by Judy Klass

After their breakup, Rob and Nancy run into each other at an odd hour in their favorite bar. Since each is a buzzkill for the other now, they negotiate hanging out there on alternate evenings. But then, old feelings start asserting themselves… Meet your Playwright: Five of Judy Klass‘ full-length plays have been produced. One, […]

The Runway Lounge by Elisabeth Gordon

Two Couples, One from England, the other from the United States meet in a lounge at the edge of the runway at a Heathrow airport hotel. Though they are from different worlds, they find they have more in common then they might have imagined. Over drinks and jet fuel , each begins to appreciate the […]

I’m at a Loss by Erik Moth

“A once successful playwright struggles with inspiration years after success.” Meet your Playwright:   Erik Moth is a sophomore Musical Theatre major at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He lives in Louisville, Ky where he graduated from DuPont Manual High/Youth Performing Arts School as a theatre major. He studied playwrighting there for 3 years […]

The Grand Hotel by Craig Pospisil

Shirley is new to the fabled Grand Hotel, where the unflappable concierge Mr. Hilbert caters to a very sophisticated and demanding clientele.  Shirley struggles to learn the hotel’s infinitely complicated reservation system, and even just to tell the guests apart. Meet your Playwright:   CRAIG POSPISIL is an award-winning playwright and filmmaker, and he is […]

Dead Weight by Christine Rosensteel

About to fall off the cliff, Flora tries to steady herself in ways that have worked in the past, and claws at a new one that others have fabricated. Meet your Playwright:   Christine Rosensteel is a Dramatist Guild member who studied playwriting at The University of Southern California (Masters of Professional Writing Program).  L.A. […]

The Code by Brenda Foley

In The Code, Bella is reminded intimacy is not necessarily synonymous with truth. Meet your Playwright:   Brenda Foley’s work has been developed and produced in the U.S. and UK with, among others, The Bechdel Group (NYC), Theatre Breaking Through Barriers (NYC), Sky Blue Theatre Company (London), Athena Theatre (NYC), The Theatre Project (NJ), Camino […]

Men and Women by Abbey Khan

Take two very different couples, one night, a little wine, and find out what men and women really think of each other when it comes to dating, money, gender equality and even bathroom etiquette. Meet your Playwright:   Abbey Khan is currently based in Los Angeles. She is an entertainment reporter who has interviewed top […]