BROKEN FENCES at The Road on Magnolia


Broken Fences full poster

In a neighborhood on Chicago’s deep West Side, the momentum of gentrification has taken hold and things have begun to change forever. As property taxes rise and demographics shift, Hoody and D struggle to keep the only home they have ever known. But when April and Czar––a white couple intent on starting a family––buy their first home and move in next door, the very definition of home is called into question. With unflinching honesty and unapologetic humor, Broken Fences attempts to examine identity and invisibility, community and security, hope and hostility in a modern American urban village that is at once foreign, and the place that these people call home.

“Smart, entertaining and illuminating! The most satisfying theater I’ve seen locally in months!” – Stage Raw

“Exceptional… a smart and raw presentation. Not only are the performances stellar, but since more than half of Angelenos are renters, and most of the rest are buying homes, this story could not be more relevant.” –  Tin Pan L.A.

“WOW! Terrific cast… stunning production design… a conversation-starting look at just how life-changing an “urban trend” can be. Expect to be thinking about the issues it raises long after the cast have taken their bows.” – Stage Scene LA

“Under Barron’s practiced hand… this troupe shows Broken Fences at its best — topical yet human, fast-moving yet deep, a lively piece of theatre that’s also something to reckon with. Go. You’ll be glad you did.” – Theatre Ghost

“Superb! Every actor in the play is extraordinary… Another passionate, innovative and groundbreaking play from The Road Theatre on whom we can always rely for the best work on stage in LA.”

West Coast Premiere

By Steven Simoncic
Directed by Andre Barron

Opens Fri, Feb 12 at 8PM
Previews Weds Feb 10 8PM, Thur Feb 11 8PM
Performances Fri 8PM, Sat 8PM, Sun 2PM



The Road on Magnolia
Inside the NoHo Senior Arts Colony
10747 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Approximate run time 2 hours, plus one 15-minute intermission.


Bruce Lemon, Jr.
James Holloway
Donna Simone Johnson
Ben Theobald
Coronado Romero
Mia Fraboni
Kris Frost
Ivy Khan


Set Design – John Iacovelli
Lighting Design – Derrick McDaniel
Sound Design – Joseph “Sloe” Slawinski
Costume Design – Michele Young
Props Master – Bettina Zacar


“Smoothly directed by Andre Barron… Simoncic shows the poignant loss when one’s heritage is being swept away by encroaching gentrification. There are no villains in this story.”Theatre Spoken Here

 “Highly recommended! Director Andre Barron has been given a tremendous gift in a great cast and script that allows his talent to give even greater depth and meaning. This is a commanding production.” Tolucan Times

“A brilliant peek into the dynamics of gentrification! The cast delivers superbly!  A thoroughly enjoyable theatrical experience on many levels.”Examiner

“Deeply affecting! Director Andre Barron’s production is marked by a solid ensemble cast and an atmospheric production design… Coronado Romero, Mia Fraboni, Bruce A Lemon Jr., and Donna Simone Johnson… are superb.”Frontiers