Fribley Ashtray by Jordan Essoe

FRIBLEY ASHTRAY is about Shelly, a middle aged, plus size widow who escapes an abusive marriage and fundamentalist Mormon community to start a new, simple life in a mountain town in California. She attracts the attention of a younger man who owns the Christmas gift shop that employs her, but someone is stalking her. Shelly has a dark secret, and the ghosts of her inescapable past, real and imagined, are trying to reclaim her.

Meet your Playwright:  

Jordan Essoe was born in Valencia, California. He is a writer, actor, director, and artist based in Los Angeles. Feature film credits include co-writing the James Franco-produced EVIL DAYS, starring as the villain in BEDEVILED, and roles in AMERICAN MESSENGER and Shannon Plumb’s TOWHEADS. He has played the lead in short films including LIBERTY BAIT, which he wrote and directed, SENTIENT, MY SWEETIE, and SIGHT OF DEATH. Theatre credits include his own play ONLYLAND, FAUST, IN A WORD, AFTER ORLANDO, BOX OF RAIN, WET PAINT, THE NIGHT WE BOMBED LINCOLN TOWING, and solo performances such as THE FIX and FOLIE A FAMILLE. He was co-founder of the Humane Slaughter Acts Performance Festival in Sonoma, and was a 2008 nominee for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s SECA Award. His work has been seen internationally and documented by NPR, NYArts Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Artslant, Art Practical, Artweek, Stretcher, Rhizome, Bloody Disgusting, and Dread Central.

Meet your Director:  

Riley Steiner teaches Acting and Shakespeare at the New York Film Academy, ironically located in Burbank, CA. In her former life, she was an actress selling beer and cereal on television, doing goofy voices in Disney films, and dying a long and painful death as Page Bowen on General Hospital. This is her third venture as a director for the spectacular Playwrights Festival here at The Road. Besides Christmas, this is her favorite time of year. Riley holds an MFA in Shakespeare from Mary Baldwin University. Her motto in life is a quote from T.S. Eliot, “If you aren’t in over your head, how will you ever know how tall you are?”


Shelly Fribley…Carlyle King (AEA)

Jamie Olive…Jordan Essoe

Maya Olive…Jennice Butler

Carl Jordenson…Brian Majestic

Gwendolyn Bell…Laurie Okin (AEA)

Tabitha Pfeifle…Erica Mathlin

Hank Gramm and other roles…Allan Wasserman (AEA)


Tuesday, August 1st 8:00 pm

The Road on Lankershim

(5108 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601)


Ticketing Information:

No reservations or advance tickets.

Admission is a $15 suggested donation.

Or buy a festival pass for a $50 suggested donation!


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