Mike and Cam by Kyle C. Jones

A man on the precipice of retirement confronts a homeless person outside of Ralph’s.


Meet your Playwright:  

Kyle Jones was born high in the Nepalese Mountains to one of the great Sherpaing villages, during the Great Sherpa Wars of the 80’s. Before his whole village was destroyed, he was floated down a mountainstream where he eventually floated on shore to a family of snow leopards. He live the next 10 years of his life with the leopards till he was captured by a British exploring company. The company brought him back to England where he lived a normal life with a small man and his wife. Years later and longing for more, he escaped in the middle of the night and made his way to America. After years of riding the rails and exploring this great country, he settled on Los Angeles,  where he makes his 1-Act play debut.



Meet your Director:  

JOHN GOWANS is an eight year member of the Road and a participant of the Playwright’s Festival as an actor and director since it’s inaugural season. He has appeared at the Road in the role of Vince in Finding Fossils and last season in the role of Doug in John is a Father. His career includes around 100 (check IMDB) TV episodics, commercials, and made for TV films.



Mike…Dean Scofield (AEA)

Cam…Christian Prentice

Sunday, August 6th 8:00 pm

The Road on Lankershim

(5108 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601)


Ticketing Information:

No reservations or advance tickets.

Admission is a $15 suggested donation.

Or buy a festival pass for a $50 suggested donation!


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