Summer Playwrights Festival 8


Taylor Gilbert & Sam Anderson, Artistic Directors

The Eighth Annual
8 Days! 30+ plays! #SPF8
Food, Drinks and Live Music Nightly!

Festival Executive Producer Carlyle King

Festival Director Stewart J. Zully

Festival Director Matthew Singletary

Producer Darryl Johnson

Producer Avery Clyde

Producer Bettina Zacar

Producer Elizabeth Sampson

Founding Director Scott Alan Smith

Production Coordinator Makena Metz


This year’s festival runs Sunday, July 30th through Sunday, August 6th at The Road on Lankershim, in the Historic Lankershim Arts Center in North Hollywood, located at 5108 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood and at The Road on Magnolia at 10747 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood in the NoHo Arts Colony!






July 30th Opening Night Sunday  Lankershim 8pm


     The Spanish Prayer Book by Angela J. Davis ~ Directed by Steve Robman

     Flood by Andrew Heinrich ~ Directed by Matthew Singletary

July 31st  Monday  Lankershim 8pm


     A Place in the Woods by Erik Gernand ~ Directed by Mark Bringelson

     The Rescued by Julie Marie Myatt ~ Directed by Marya Mazor

August 1st Tuesday  Lankershim 8pm


     Quiver by Jenni Lamb ~ Directed by Darryl Johnson

     Fribley Ashtray by Jordan Essoe ~ Directed by Riley Steiner

August 2nd Wednesday  Lankershim 8pm

     The Specials by Ellen Svaco ~ Directed by Ann Hearn

     Sanctions by Bruce Graham ~ Directed by Justin Lord

August 3rd Thursday  Lankershim 8pm

     Indifference by Shem Bitterman ~ Directed by Robert Murray Duncan

     The Official Adventures of Kieron & Jade by Kieron Barry ~ Directed by Stoney Westmoreland

August 4th Friday  Lankershim 8pm

     Sex Lives of Strangers by Erik Patterson ~ Directed by Andre Barron

     The True by Sharr White ~ Directed by Taylor Nichols

August 5th Saturday  Lankershim 2pm

     The End of Beauty by Cory Hinkle ~ Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera

     Too Deep by Minna Koskela and adapted by Nina Sallinen ~ Directed by Minna Koskela

August 5th Saturday Lankershim 8pm

     Elevator Girl by Donna Hoke ~ Directed by Sarah Gurfield

     Henry and the Hippocampus by Brian James Polak ~ Directed by April Webster

August 5th Saturday Magnolia 8pm

     Pursuit by Scooter Pietsch  ~ Directed by Matt McKenzie

August 6th Sunday  Lankershim 2 PM

     Of Men and Cars by Jim Geoghan ~ Directed by Peter Flood

     Death House by Jason Karasev ~ Directed by Michael Peretzian

August 6th Sunday Lankershim 8pm One Act Night





Dead Weight by Christine Rosensteel ~ Directed by Amy Stoch

So The World Woos Its Children Back by Tania Gutsche ~ Directed by Melelani Satsuma

Boys by Andrew Manardo ~ Directed by Ann Hearn

The Runway Lounge by Elisabeth Gordon ~ Directed by Tracey Silver


Men and Women by Abbey Khan ~ Directed by Jaymes Camery

Requiem for Stuart by Ann Hearn ~ Directed by Christian Prentice

The Switch by Dimitri Neos ~ Directed by Michelle Gillette





The Grand Hotel by Craig Pospisil ~ Directed by Brian Graves

Mike and Cam by Kyle Jones ~ Directed by John Gowans

The Code by Brenda Foley ~ Directed by Lizzy Kimball

I’m at a Loss by Erik Moth ~ Directed by Suzanne Hunt


Dark Star by Madeline Lowe Puccioni ~ Directed by Jacob Smith

Timeshare by Judy Klass ~ Directed by Madeline Fair

Stella by Henry Ong ~ Directed by Stewart J. Zully



Because SPF8 is a fundraiser, tickets are by donation only and are only available at the door! Suggested donation for a single performance is $15 –or this year, try a weeklong festival pass for the suggested donation of $50! Can’t make it to the festival? Want to support new works anyway? Your donations are greatly appreciated and are fully tax-deductible! To donate to The Road Theatre Summer Playwrights Festival click here! 

Special Thanks to our loyal sponsors