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December 4th: Max and Wren by Jerry Lacy

Directed by Mary Lou Belli

Max is eighty years old, depressed and reclusive, living alone in his Manhattan
apartment. When he meets young Wren in the hallway, a friendship blossoms
that brings new vitality to his life. But his concerned daughter and her psychiatrist
husband see trouble ahead for Max.



December 11th: And Away We Go
by Terrence McNally

Directed by Pavel Cerny

Featuring: Brian Graves, Lizzy Kimball, Judith Scarpone, Kimberly Alexander,
Crash Buist, John Apicella and Samuel Martin Lewis

Times change, but life in the theatre remains the same: chaotic, sometimes brutal, but often euphoric. AND AWAY WE GO jumps through time from backstage in ancient Athens to a rehearsal at the Globe, from Versailles’ Royal Theatre to the first reading of a new play by Chekhov– with an unlikely stop at Corral Gables FL and the American premiere of Waiting for Godot along the way. “Terrence McNally plants a big wet kiss on his lifetime love– the theatre. A frolicsome valentine to the glorious, maddening, demanding world of footlights, spotlights and ghost lights”– New York Times


December 18th:  When the Son is Shining
by Jeffrey Fischer-Smith

Directed by Michael LaPolla
Featuring: Ann Hu, Samuel Martin Lewis,  Jessica Suzanne Wierzba,
Coronado Romero, Kevin McCorkle, Ann Hearn, Andrew Manardo

WHEN THE SON IS SHINING, the fifth in the nine-play cycle “An American Family,” is about survival. As 1960s America falls apart, so does a small Long Island family. Morality collapses on all fronts. Big and small family worlds are in upheaval. Father, mother, son, wife, neighbors – all find themselves pitted against each other. No one will arise unscathed but will their world completely unravel?

by Jenni Lamb

Directed by Darryl Johnson
Featuring: Melissa Kite, Coronado Romero, Lizzy Kimball, Brian Graves, Jessie Franks

For over twenty years, Adam and Diane (twin brother and sister) have spent a week at their cabin in Northern Michigan for bow season. Eager to hunt after missing the last three years, the twins’ plans are interrupted when Cassie (Adam’s wife) arrives with Pearl (Cassie and Adam’s daughter). Cassie leaves Adam with the task of telling Pearl that their marriage is ending.


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