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May 21st: Household Effects by David Mulei

Directed by Neil Weiss
Sponsored by  Justin Okin

Set in the foreign service, this intimate full-length play tells the story of mid-level consular officer Paul Rego and his wife, Laura, as they struggle to endure another hardship post. Rising from a blue-collar background, Paul has clawed his way up the lower rungs of the State Department’s grueling up-or-out career ladder. It’s taken ten years of pack-outs, countless bureaucratic run-arounds, and often harrowing living conditions overseas but, finally, a prestigious position in D.C. and the suburban safety Laura craves is within sight. Through the course of two dreadful, darkly comic days of personal and professional failure, Paul and Laura are forced to confront the calculating people they’ve become, and wrestle with the ultimate value of their aspirations.

June 4th: TOP OF THE WORLD by Catherine Butterfield

Directed by Ron West
Brendan Murray’s wife Suzanne, a lovely woman with two small children and seemingly everything to live for, just drove to the top of an overlook and killed herself.  Brendan, creator of a TV crime show, is determined to understand why.  An examination of the terrible toll suicide takes not only on the family of the deceased, but everyone who ever knew them.


Ben Mathes (guest artist)
Lori Okin
Laura Gardner
Jason E. Kelley 
Meeghan Holaway

June 11th: THE BORDER by Carlos Lacamara

Directed by Stewart J. Zully

Set in the sun-scorched wasteland between nations, THE BORDER follows a young Mexican woman’s perilous journey and her father’s confrontation with an American anti-immigration volunteer. These two stories intertwine and gradually merge until the lines that separate past and present, immigrant and native, disappear and we see how love and compassion transcend all national boundaries.


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