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February 19th: Prozac In The Fifties

by Judi Barton

Directed by Judith Scarpone

Featuring: Carlyle King, Amelia Wheeler, Laurie Okin,Tom Musgrave, Brian Graves and Laura Richardson

In the wake of the Feminist movement and the breakthrough of anti-depressants, a successful, but guilt-ridden woman reflects on the cultural repression of her beautiful brilliant mother and imagines what might have happened if she’d stepped back into her Fifties childhood and proffered Prozac to alleviate the pain of the love of her life.

February 26th: The Sisters
by Mary Miller & Michael LaPolla

Directed by Rob Brownstein

Featuring:  Sorel CarradineKimberly Alexander,  Stephanie ErbAlex Smith,
and Corey Romero

Prior to the outbreak of World War II, Andrea D’Alessandro along with his parents and three beautiful sisters: Ornella, Marta and Arena leave fascist Italy for the safety of America. Settling in a tenement apartment in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood, they must find a way to let go of their past, as they struggle to navigate an uncertain future. This play is part of a trilogy inspired by the works of Anton Chekhov.

March 5th: The Realistic Jones by Will Eno

Directed by Tom Knickerbocker

Featuring: Kris Frost, Ivy Khan, Tom Musgrave, Laurie Okin

This funny, moving and wonderfully off-beat play finds two neighbor couples with the same last name dealing with an awful lot (or a lot of awful) as best they can. In language that humorously dances, revealing how absurd attempts at communication can be, Eno burrows into the heart of his characters to reveal the core of their humanity: the fear, loneliness and unspoken love that mostly remains hidden beneath the surface as we plug away at life, come what may.


March 12th: Onassis by Martin Sherman

Directed by Carlyle King

Sponsored by Mia Christou and Carlyle King

Cast: Mia Christou, Bart Tangredi, Judith Scarpone 

Onassis portrays the last years of the life of the wealthy shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, who after a notorious affair with Maria Callas, married Jacqueline Kennedy, widow of US President John F. Kennedy, in 1968. A millionaire at 25, he had become one of the world’s richest men, but it was the glamour of the women in his life which brought him real fame, causing him to pursue personal vendettas and amassing empires on an international scale. Based in part on Peter Evans’ book Nemesis, Onassis is an explosive account of one man’s voracious appetite for sex, money and power. The play depicts Onassis’ complex interwoven relationships with women and his family, as well as his long-running feud with the Kennedy family and the American establishment. With hints of Greek tragedy and hubris, it explores how those with great wealth and political influence live their lives detached from the moral code and realities of ordinary mortals.

March 26th: Maps To Stars Homes by Jim Geoghan

Directed by Peter Flood
Sponsored by Brian Graves

Featuring: Brian Graves, Lizzy Kimball, Kimberly Alexander, Crash Buist, Stewart J. Zully, and Christine Joelle

It’s 1939 and Warren has come to Hollywood to write B movies. He finds it all to be artificial and vicious.
He’d leave but his child’s acting career is doing too well. 


May 21st: Household Effects by David Mulei

Directed by Neil Weiss
Sponsored by  Justin Okin

Set in the foreign service, this intimate full-length play tells the story of mid-level consular officer Paul Rego and his wife, Laura, as they struggle to endure another hardship post. Rising from a blue-collar background, Paul has clawed his way up the lower rungs of the State Department’s grueling up-or-out career ladder. It’s taken ten years of pack-outs, countless bureaucratic run-arounds, and often harrowing living conditions overseas but, finally, a prestigious position in D.C. and the suburban safety Laura craves is within sight. Through the course of two dreadful, darkly comic days of personal and professional failure, Paul and Laura are forced to confront the calculating people they’ve become, and wrestle with the ultimate value of their aspirations.

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