Too Deep by Minna Koskela

Two sisters, Tina and Laura, have been estranged due to a long, ten year fight. Now the sisters are brought back together after their mother falls ill. They meet at the hospital waiting room. Painful memories surface. Both have their own memories of the past. Would it help if all secrets got revealed? Does it matter who is right in the end?

Meet your Playwright and Director:

Minna Koskela graduated from the Helsinki Theater Academy. Since the beginning of her career, she has been one of Finland’s most prominent and most famous Actors. “Kumman Kaa”, (“Which one do you fancy”) written with Heli Sutela, is the most renowned TV program in Finland and theatrical performance “Kummanki Kaa” was performed 400 times and it received more than 130,000 viewers. “Kumman Kaa” also won the “Golden TV” (now Golden Venla) prize for the best comedy series and honorary mention in the Venla gala. Koskela’s first personal play “Taloyhti√∂musikaali” was well received by both critics and audiences and was a public success. Koskela’s second play was presented at the prestigious “Theater Jurkka” in Helsinki, and it also made a tour to Switzerland. Now Minna Koskela is preparing her fourth play “Exan uus ja vanha” (“The New of your Ex”) , its premiere is in February 2018 in Kerava, Finland.


Laura…Nina Sallinen (AEA)

Tina…Melissa Kite (AEA)

Saturday, August 5th 2:00 pm

The Road on Lankershim

(5108 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601)


Ticketing Information:

No reservations or advance tickets.

Admission is a $15 suggested donation.

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